Specialists in Hemp Extraction

All LULLEX products are produced under cGMP-compliant  standards.  We use third party testing to ensure a high level of purity and concentration. 

Lullex specializes in high potency, full spectrum hemp sublingual oils, topical hemp products, and hemp pet formulas. Our organic ethanol extraction ensures safety and quality. We extract from organically grown hemp and use all organic ingredients in our products. Our extract is triple carbon filtered through an intensive process, leaving only hemp-derived cannabinoids, naturally occurring terpenes, golden color, delicious taste, and the many relieving qualities of cannabinoids!

Third Party Tested
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Melissa Clark


Melissa is the first legal female hemp extractor in North Carolina and CEO of Lullex Labs. She began the company in a search to help her beloved dog, Luna when she was not well. (We cannot disclose the entirety of this story as we do not intend it to be construed as a health claim.) Melissa tried numerous products that did not help and through much research she realized many products on the market were weak and were possibly even a risk for contaminates. She decided to start extracting phytocannabinoids from hemp  herself and created her own products.

Today Luna is a very happy, healthy dog and Melissa is entirely grateful! With this in mind Melissa created a whole company around her passion for very strong, effective and pure products. She reached out to educational institutions and connected with leaders in compliance and manufacturing. She had the entire team earn PCQI certificates and take Pharmaceutical-level manufacturing classes. Melissa was lucky enough to have a regulatory affairs specialist join our team as well as several highly qualified scientists and healthcare practitioners. Our highly qualified team now speaks at educational events and our company held the first Hemp Safety Forum on the east coast in 2019.

Most recently, our regulatory affairs specialist and Melissa taught one of the first community college courses on CBD/Hemp of its kind on the east coast. Melissa also became involved in legislation in Raleigh trying to help build a regulatory framework to legitimize the hemp industry in North Carolina and create safety protocols for everyone involved in the industry. Her work on SB315 continues and she expects the bill to pass early this year. Working with legislators in our capital, Melissa educates on safety issues and dangers in the hemp market and advocates for legal, safe production channels. 

Recently, she has broadened into becoming a consultant out of the need to have other companies in our production chain all conforming to the same standards under FSMA. Her obsession with high levels of integrity in extraction led her to become a blooming expert on working through a company’s processes and finding where advancements can be made as well as offering business advice. She now has many opportunities to work with testing labs and all sorts of manufacturing businesses around the country in her never-ending quest for knowledge and quality in the hemp/cannabis industry. The brand, Lullex Labs was recently added in an effort to speak to an audience different from Hemp Magik. Lullex Labs and Hemp Magik will be on the cutting edge of research and development in the hemp and cannabis space.

Andrew Capps

Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Andrew holds a BS in Microbiology with minors in Biotechnology and Genetics from NC State University. He brings over 15 years of laboratory, regulatory, quality management (ISO 17025), and training experience from his work in academic research and regulatory settings. Prior to joining Hemp Magik, Andrew served as Test Kitchen Coordinator and Industry Trainer for Food, Beverage & Natural Products for the NC Community Colleges’ BioNetwork. There he trained and worked with FDA and USDA FSIS-regulated companies including the dietary supplement and pharmaceutical industries. He has also previously served as a Quality Assurance Specialist, Microbiology Supervisor, and Chief Microbiologist at the NC Department of Agriculture: Food and Drug Protection Division.

Michelle Shine, PhD

Lab Manager

Michelle Shine holds a PhD in Biomedical Science from the Medical University of South Carolina. She has worked on the cutting edge of biotechnology, has published peer-reviewed articles in the fields of microbiology, cell signaling, tissue engineering, stem cell therapy, and complementary and alternative medicine. She has also co-authored and served as Co-Investigator on several multi million dollar grants leading scientific and engineering teams towards research goals. Michelle brings experience leading teams through a phase I clinical trial for the FDA approval of a medical device. She brings familiarity with FDA regulations, cGMP, cGLP and necessary procedures for QA/QC to us at Lullex Labs. Having worked closely with physicians, researchers, engineers and clinicians to design and implement in vitro studies and clinical trials, she is skilled at organizing scientific information, applying that information, and coordinating the results. She has much experience in designing and running biological experiments, analyzing data, and using that data to draw conclusions, managing technicians and engineers as the project manager, and guiding experimental research based on results. Michelle assists as we move closer to pharma-grade manufacturing.